Missile Containers

  • Limited Series Production of Spacecraft Containers
  • Missiles Containers
  • Hermetic containers
  • internal pressure 03 bar Quick locking hydraulic mechanism LM rails for frictionless movement Electronic looks
  • For safe keeping and transportation oi valuable missiles and warheads...
Missile Handling Equipment
  • Missile Trolleys
  • Missile Lifting Beams
  • Missile loading and unloading machinery
Other Services related to Missiles
  • Scanning of Missiles
  • Flelurbishing of Missiles
  • Diffusion of old Missiles
Warhead and Article Containers
  • Designed for total arrest of all translations of freedom for the carried article.
  • 3-D modelling for design improvements.
  • Effortless retrieval and loading of the store by unskilled personnel.
  • Door opening achieved without fasteners and by a hydraulic rotan/ lock ring.
  • Structural design and analysis for Pressure and Vacuum application.
  • Feature of Hermetically sealed design
Portable & Mobile Bomb Shelters
Portame and Mob?e Bomb sheners
xn vanous sxzes amd shapes.
Easy to transport and Assembie
Mobile Missile Launchers
Designed for total arrest of all translations of freedom for the carrled article.
Absorption of launcher technology & manufacture beginning with design and manufacture of welding jigs and fixtures. The launcher system is designed and built with hydraulic proportional control system. Manual and remote operation of launcher.

Stretch Forming
Production of bi-contour, ogival, profiles for airframes of space craft, missile and aircraft etc., was made possible by the Stretch Forming.
Yields a high-order of repeatability and major cost & time savings in limited series production of ogival nose cones

Tooling & Fixturing
All iigs, fixtures and tools for riveting, welding and assembly are designed and manufactured in-house.
High degree of accuracy on final geometry validated by 3D CMM for repeatability and consistency. Regular calibration of all tooling & fixturing.

Super Metals and Alloys for Defence Applications
Super Metals and Alloy fasteners for critical applications
  • Super Alloys
  • Resistance Alloys
  • Titanium & Titanium Alloys
  • Special Steels
  • Controlled Expansion Alloys
  • Soft Magnetic Alloys
  • Special Alloys for Naval Applications
  • Special Alloys for Aeronautical Applications
High Security Fencing Solutions and Vehicle Containment Systems for Critical Areas