TIECSS is an established one-stop shop for variety of engineering activities related to the defence sector. TIECSS has been exporting various goods across the globe for a long period of time, it has satisfied customers spread across the globe. Our staff makes the difference between mediocrity and eminence drawn from diverse engineering disciplines based on criteria such as commitment, sound knowledge, integrity and willingness to learn, their technical and managerial skills are honed by training and interactive programmes to empower them.

TIECSS’s areas of expertise include design, Engineering, Analytical Validation, Manufacturing and product life cycle management along with communication support solutions. TIECSS is perfectly poised to meet the demanding multi – disciplinary challenges in delivering end to end services in design, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and testing of ground support systems and air borne products. With demand for engineering services rising from various parts of the Globe, TIECSS has tied up with leading Industry players to further enhance and expand their capacity and capability in offering Niche Products and Precision Engineering solutions.

Our phenomenal success over the years is largely due to our strict adherence to international quality standards and environmental management. A rigid and thorough system of quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process, project management, operations and maintenance. All the TIECSS units are equipped with world class testing facilities. Therefore, at TIECSS, we believe that our quality and commitment to customer service are a differential that has allowed us to grow and further consolidate our leadership in the lines of activity we develop.

We ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible service, and the company maintains, at all times, a voluntary commitment to all the groups of interest with whom it operates.